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GSM/SMS/GPS/GPRS module BieneRemote module.
Home and Industrial Automation control via SMS. Being at a great distance you can, operate the remote equipment and to receive messages at occurrence of any events. To receive the information on a condition of the remote unmanned equipment. Using our module BieneRemote you can create system of monitoring a condition of the remote objects. System of the analysis of a condition of an environment, collecting the information from the gauges which are taking place actually in any points of globe.
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Suntan Capacitors Company
Suntan Capacitors Company
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Aitais Enterprise Co
Aitais Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Aitais(Aec) is a professional manufacturer and exporter in volumes of 3C connectors (Consumer Electronics, Computers, Communications) since 1976. Cumulating the professional experiences for more than 20 years. We have established the well-know products on the brotherhood in Taiwan. And our products can be applied to Audio, Video, HI-End stereo and communications. http://www.aitais.com.tw
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Keersun Electronic Co., LTD
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CNL Korea
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Averwin Ltd.

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Cutter Electronics

Cutter Electronics is an Australian owned and operated independent distributor of electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors & capacitors.

SMARTEC temperature, humidity, pressure sensors

Remote Control and Monitoring via Cell Phone