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ENSYS Engineering

Ensys, established in 1990 is a leading engineering training provider of Engineering Eit/Pe Licensure Training Programs, Continuing Engineering Professional Education and Engineering Licensure Renewal Courses.

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Biene Electronics Ltd. has many years of experience in the professional design of digital and analog electronics, microcontroller, microprocessor and PC based systems. Services to start with idea from a client and provide all phases of the project, ending with a profitable, manufacturable quality product. Product manufacturing from small to medium quantity. Development electronic test equipment, embedded system controlled products, telecommunications accessories, and industrial manufacturing and testing systems.

At the request of the customer we can design special firmware and hardware
for BieneRemote modules

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Design from project to end product
  • Hardware design from board to system.
  • Circuit Design of analogue and digital circuits
  • Product manufacturing
  • GSM modules
  • Bootloader for Atmel Xmega 256 via GSM / FTP - Xmega 256 flash bootloader diagram -
    Flash bootloader diagram
  • ...
  • Wirelles 433 MHz modules
  • GSM/PSTN bridge, GSM-PBX It as PABX with 1+5: 1 PSTN interface and 5 GSM numbers. Work as PSTN-GSM hub / router - phone call communication between fixed and GSM network. Interface with PSTN to or from GSM network. DTMF detection. From landline phone to mobile phone, from mobile phone to landline switch. Callback function via SMS. Roaming function. Additional - alarm and output control functions.
  • Green energy equipments remote monitoring and control via WIFI, LAN and GSM.

Circuit Design
All TTL and CMOS device families Atmel microcontroller, Xilinx, Lattice and Altera programmable logic devices, communications ICs and memory, analog circuits, ADC, DAC.

We mainly use Atmel microcontroller in our designs.
BRM - mechanical and electrical Specification.

Programmable Logic Devices
We mainly use Lattice and Xilinx Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) in our designs.

Software development
Biene Electronics has many years of experience in all aspects of software development.
Tools and Languages - Pascal Multi-Task Development System for Atmel's AVR© RISC CPU's Tiny13..mega256 E-LAB Computers



AVRFreaks's documentation includes overviews, tutorials, and details on development with AVR technologies and Tools.


Skript Verlag Kühnel
Kühnel, C.: AVR Risc Microcontroller Handbook.
Newnes: Boston, Oxford, Johannesburg, Melbourne, New Delhi, Singapore, 1998 ISBN 0-7506-9963-9
Kuhnel, C.: BASCOM Programming of Microcontrollers with Ease, 2001 ISBN 1-58112-671-9

Remote Control and Monitoring via Cell Phone

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