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Water and fuel Level Switch connection

Water, fuel and other liquid level monitoring. Liquid level switches with float. Single Point Level Switches LS-6/LS-7. These low-cost units are ideal for high volume use in small tanks and vessels. Engineered plastics construction offers broad compatibility in water, oils and chemicals. The high temperature capability of Versaplast offers an alternative to high cost stainless steel switches.

Use Jumper to J2 on selected Input (Connection Pull-up resistor) on board BR160

Compatibel with all our modules BR16GM, BR160GM, BR160SM, BR128GM, BR1280GM

Water Level Sensor (4-20mA output)

The Model 280-WL400 Water Level Sensor provides highly accurate water level measurement for a wide variety of applications, including those in severe environments. Each submersible pressure transducer has a two-wire 4- 20 mA output signal that is linear with water depth. From 10 to 36 Vdc is required to operate the water level sensor, so the level sensors can be operated from common 12 Vdc battery systems. Each of the water level sensors consist of a solid state submersible pressure transducer encapsulated in a stainless steel 13/16" diameter housing. The water level sensor has a molded-on waterproof cable and a two-wire 4-20 mA high level output for connection to a monitoring device.

Compatibel with BR16GM-2A/-4A, BR160GM-2A/-4A, BR160SM-2A/-4A, BR128GM-4A/-Pt1000, BR1280GM

Water and fuel Level Switch connection
(consumption from battery)

Without Jumper from J2 on selected Input ( unconnect Pull-up resistor) on board BR160

Compatibel with BR160SM-V2


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