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Liquid Flow Switches, Gas Flow Switches

Optic Leak Detection Switch LO10 (the general purpose optic switch is a great choice for leak detection in and around secondary containment sumps, tanks and pipes. The sensor can be applied in a broad range of chemical solutions. Media), Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch FT10 (the general purpose liquid flow switch) and Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch GT10 (the general purpose gas flow switch). Adjustable set point. NO / NC Output. The product is broadly selected for low or no-flow applications.

Insert Jumper to J2 on selected Input (for connection Pull-up resistor) on board BR160

Compatibel with all our modules BR16GM, BR160GM, BR160SM, BR128GM, BR1280GM

Flow Sensor with pulse output and
with 0-5V output connection

W-100 Mini-Wheel Flowmeter measures flow rate of water and water equivalent viscosity liquids by counting the number of the built-in wheel's rotation. Open collector pulse (unscaled) output and analog 0-5V output types are available. Alarm output - relay contact (SPDT)

Model with 0-5VDC output - not use jumper J2 on selected Input

With 0-5V output - compatibel with BR16GM-2A/-4A, BR160GM-2A/-4A, BR160SM-2A/-4A, BR128GM-4A/-Pt1000, BR1280GM
With pulse output - compatibel with BR16GM-C

Differential Pressure Sensor

The Sensirion differential pressure sensor SDP1000, SDP2000 with dynamic measurement principle. Measurement ranges: -5 -125 Pa / -0.02 -0.5 inch water column (SPD1000) or -100 - 3500 Pa/-0.4 - 14.0 inch water column (SPD2000). Voltage output: 0.25 to 4.0 Vdc.

Compatibel with BR128GM-4A/-Pt1000, BR128xGM, BR1280GM
We can
modify software also for BR16GM-2A, BR160GM-2A, BR160SM-2A

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