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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature sensor Smartec SMT160-30 and
Smartec Temperature Probe connection

The SMT160-30 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor, with a duty-cycle output. The SMT160-30 (TO18 model) has an overall accuracy of 0.7 C in the range from -30 C to +100 C and an accuracy of 1.2 C from -45 to +130 C. This makes the sensor especially useful in all applications where "human" (climate control, food processing etc.) conditions are to be controlled. Sensor: SMT1603018 Probe: stainless steel tube 7 mm. x 40 mm. Cable: 5 m. PVC shielded, 3.5 mm. Absolute accuracy .7 C Linear output within .2 C.
If use long cable for Smartec SMT160-30 temperature sensor, connect sensor side between GND and +5V pins ceramic capacitor 0.1mkF.

Compatibel with BR16GM-2SMT, BR160GM-SMT, BR1280GM

Relative humidity and temperature transmitter

Serie EE08 humidity and temperature sensor with analog output (5V/10V). Relative Humidity: 0...100% RH; Temperature sensor Pt 1000 (DIN A); Supply voltage: output 0-5V: 7-30V DC; output 0-10V: 12-30V DC.

Compatibel with BR16GM-2A/-4A, BR160GM-2A/-4A, BR160SM-2A/-4A, BR128GM-4A/-Pt1000, BR1280GM

Temperature sensor Smartec SMT160-30 and Smartec Temperature Probe to BR16GM-2SMTconnection

Pt1000 (Pt100) Temperature sensor to BR128GM-Pt1000/4A with adapter #4Pt1000/4A connection

4-Wire Pt1000 sensor connection

3-Wire Pt1000 sensor connection

2-Wire Pt1000 sensor connection

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