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Measurement Equipments
ADC, Digital IO, GPIB,
Oscilloscope, Generators,
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Measurement EquipmentsDEENENLVRU

New module BRM128GM for new projects; for electronic and software designer. Can connect WEB camera. Based on Telit GM862-QUAD or GM862-GPS and microcontroller ATmega128.
GPRS-FTP Data-Logger BRM128GM-GPS-PHOTO support GPS and WEB camera. Camera resolution 640x480, Color. Software and hardware we can modify with your requirements.
Base board for analog, digital, temperature sensor connection. Support SHT11 temperature and humidity sensor.

AcquitekIOtech GaGe ETC

Measurement Equipments from Acquitek (France)

Data Acquisition board, Waveform generator, High Speed Digitizers, Counter/Timer, Digital I/O, Signal Conditioning, Mainframe and Controller, Software


TRC50, Curve Tracer

The curve displayed on the screen shows component performances The Curve Tracer is an essential tool for troubleshooting circuits and testing components The TRC500 is very useful in the early stages of failure analysis. It can identify electrical failures that exhibit abnormal voltage-current relationships at the output pins.

Field of Application

  • Research laboratory
  • Production facility
  • Maintenance laboratory
  • Quality control department
  • College & University electronic teaching Field of Application



2-Ch analog, 10-bit, 100MS/s, A/D + 8 Digital Channel, 100MS/s + 1 signal generator 10MHz USB 2.0

- 2 Channels, 10 bits, 100MS/s simultaneously
- 8 digital inputs sampling at 100MS/s
- 1 Signal generator 50MS/s
- 4 MSamples Storage

A Very low-cost solution!

CubeScope-20, 12-bit, 20MS/s Mixed PC Based Oscilloscope

  • Oscilloscope: 2-Ch, 20 MS/s, 12-bit resolution, up to 8MS
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator: 2-Ch, 20MS/s or 1-Ch, 40MS/s, 12-bit resolution, up to 8MS
  • Logic Analyzer: 16-Ch, 25MHz, up to 8MS
  • AcquiFlex Software included
  • Open PC Platform PC base with Windows XP, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive,CD-R Drive Small Footprint/Lightweight

CH Series High Speed Multifunction Board for PCI bus
Acquitek introduces low-cost data acquisition boards for PCI bus. The CH Series provide two analog input channels, 20MS/s, 12 bits, two analog output, 20MS/s, 12 bits, 16 digital I/O, 16MB memory, 2 counter/timer and an onboard DSP.

CM Series Multifunction Board for PCI bus
Acquitek introduces low-cost data acquisition boards for PCI bus. The CM Series provide 16/32 analog inputs, 16 bits, up to 1MS/s, two analog output, 1MS/s, 16 bits, 16/32 digital I/O, 3 counter/timers, 16MB memory and an onboard DSP.

AWG1000, 1.0GS/s, 12 bits, Arbitrary Waveform Generator
• 1.0 GS/s, 12-bit vertical resolution
• Single full size PCI compliant card
• SFDR less than -50 dB at 100 MHz
• Full scale Trise/Tfall = 260 psec typical
• Program up to 32K independent segments
• Program up to 16K loops/segment
• 4 MS memory standard
• 8 TTL marker outputs standard
• Synchronous trigger input


  • Storage Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Transient Recorder
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Multimeter

The Handyscope-HS3 is a powerful computer controlled measuring instrument that consists of four measuring instruments: a Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer and Transient recorder. Also an AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) is available. This new powerful and compact measuring instrument can solve almost every measurement problem.

 Other Measurement Equipments from Acquitek


Measurement Equipments IOtech ( USA)

Data Acquisition (DAQ), Data Loggers
IEEE 488 (GPIB) Interfaces
Software for Data Acquisition

Real-Time Vibration and Acoustic Analysis. Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis.
Machine Vibration Monitoring. Data Acquisition. Vibration Analysis and Monitoring System
Ethernet-Based Portable High-Speed Waveform Acquisition.



Series Ethernet-Based Data Acquisition System Components.

  • Adds analog I/O, digital I/O and frequency I/O to Ethernet-based test systems
  • All I/O can be synchronous, enabling precise timing between various I/O functions
  • 8 differential, or 16 single-ended inputs using signal conditioning and expansion options
  • Up to 40 built-in TTL-level digital I/O


Portable Vibration Analysis and Monitoring System.
The ZonicBook/618E with eZ-Series software and your PC makes a real-time, portable vibration analysis monitoring system.

  • 8 dynamic input channels, expandable up to 56 channels
  • 4 tachometer channels for rotational measurements
  • High-speed Ethernet connection to the PC for continuous recording


Ethernet-Based Portable High-Speed Waveform Acquisition. The WaveBook/516E is ideal for measuring dynamic signals in portable and laboratory applications.

  • 16-bit/1-MHz A/D
  • Single and multichannel analog triggering with programmable level and slope
  • Programmable pre- and post-trigger sampling rates
  • Sixteen digital inputs can be scanned synchronously with analog signals


Stand-Alone, Intelligent PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems Models /300, /360. The LogBook/360 data acquisition system includes an expansion bay for up to three signal conditioning cards.

  • Operates without a PC at the test site 16-bit, 100-kHz analog and digital sampling
  • Compact yet expandable architecture can accommodate over 400 channels of analog, digital, and frequency I/O
  • Stand-alone nonvolatile storage of over 500 million samples via removable PC-Card memory


Miniature Serial/IEEE 488 Controller. The low-cost Micro488/p enables IEEE 488 control from any computer equipped with a serial port.
Smallest serial to IEEE 488 controller available. Controls up to eight IEEE 488 instruments. Programmed with concise ASCII commands. Requires no external power supply—powered from the computer’s serial port. Enables remote control of IEEE 488 instruments. Easily connects to notebook PCs.


1 Mbyte/s PCI/IEEE 488.2 Board with Plug and Play, Digital I/O, and Software for PCs. Personal488/PCI provides IEEE 488.2 one Mbyte/s data transfer and plug-and-play installation.

  • Features PCI local bus compatibility
  • Provides 1 Mbyte/s data transfer
  • Features plug-and-play
  • Offers full IEEE 488.2 support
  • Includes Windows® drivers
  • Provides 8-channels of general-purpose digital I/O

  Other Measurement Equipments from IOtech

Measurement Equipments GaGe (Canada)

Digital Input / Output, High Speed Waveform Digitizer,
Arbitrary Waveform Generators

CompuScope 12400

New 12 bit, 400 MS/s PCI bus digitizer for precision signal capture

- 200 MS/s sampling on 2 synchronous channels
- 400 MS/s on one channel
- 12 bits nominal resolution
- 200 MHz bandwidth· Full-size, single-slot PCI card
- Up to 4 Gigabytes of on-board acquisition memory
- Full-featured, software-controlled front-end
- 32 bits, 66 MHz PCI standard for 200 MB/s transfer to PC memory

CompuScope 3200
32 Bit, 100 MHz Digital Input Card for PCI Bus
Capture 32 Bits of Digital Data.
100 MHz Clock Rates.
Software Configurable to provide 8, 16, or 32 Bits.
Up to 2 GB of On-Board Acquisition Memory.
Multi-Card Systems providing wider input words of 64, 96, or 128 Bits.
CMOS or ECL/PECL data inputs.
Software Development Kits for C/C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP.

CompuScope 82G 2 GS/s, 8 Bit Waveform Digitizer for PCI Bus

CompuScope 82G is a single slot, PCI bus card capable of performing 8 bit A/D conversion at sampling rates up to 2 GS/s in one-channel mode and 1 GS/s in dual channel simultaneous mode. The CS82G uses two monolithic A/D converters each running at 1 GS/s. In single-channel mode the two ADCs are clocked in a "ping-pong" mode to achieve up to 2 GS/s sampling. In dual channel mode, the two ADCs are clocked absolutely simultaneously to provide coherent sampling.

 Other Measurement Equipments from GaGe

Measurement Equipments ETC (Slovak Republic)

Measuring devices, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Waveform Generator

ETC Measuring LAB II
The EMLII (ETC Measuring Lab II) is a second generation of measuring devices from ETC company. The devices in this family features great price/performance ratio. All devices of this family are CE certified.
The EMLII contains:
M621 - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
M611 - Logic Analyzer
M631 - Aribtrary Waveform Generator


The M520 Oscilloscope Series belongs to the ETC Measuring Lab 3 (EML3) line and offers a wide range of devices. It provides a customer with a possibility to select a device perfectly fitting his or her needs offering the best performance/cost ratio. All devices of the M520 Oscilloscope Series offer extremely simple and intuitive installation and operation, can adapt to any screen resolution (from 800 x 600 pixels upwards). They are powered directly from the USB interface.

  • Frequency response of vertical amplifiers 60/150MHz
  • Max. realtime sampling frequency 50/200MS/s
  • Max. equivalent sampling frequency 5/ 20GS/s
  • Size of storage for each channel 4/8K

M611 Logic Analyzer
The ETC M611 Logic analyzer is a package, which will together with PC create 32 channel logic analyzer with sampling rate up to 100MHz. Maximum length of record is 524280 of 32-bit words.
32 channel logic analyzer
Sampling rate up to 100MHz
Length of record 524280 of 32-bit words.
Software for measuring and later data analysis
Connected to PC via parallel port (EPP) or USB

M221 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
ETC M221 is a package that turns your PC compatible computer into a dual channel (four-channel) digital storage oscilloscope with the 100 MHz bandwidth. The oscilloscope uses the 16-bit ISA bus add-on card EM221 for data acquisition and the Scope software for processing. Together it creates a very user-friendly environment, where all controls are easy-to-access either by mouse or other pointing device. A user, who is used to operate a standard oscilloscope, will master the M221 in a very short period of time.

M321 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
ETC M321 is a package that turns your PC compatible computer into a 2-channel arbitrary generator. This device consists of the EM321 ISA bus add-on card and a software, using which you can easily control the device. All generator functions are easy-to-control by mouse. Besides standard waveform types (sine wave, saw, triangle, rectangle), that are already implemented and ready to use, it is possible to define or create desired waveform by using the built-in powerful waveform editor by either entering a mathematical expression or simply drawing a waveform by mouse. You can set a waveform shape and amplitude independently for each channel.

 Other Measurement Equipments from ETC

Measurement Equipments Signal Company (Russia)

Measuring devices, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Waveform Generator, ADC

Digital oscilloscope BORDO 221
Sampling rate is upto 100 MHz, equivalent sampling rate-upto 20 GHz; two independent channels; resolution: 10 bit; bandwidth: 150 MHz; onboard memory: 64 K; analog input of external triggering; PCI bus; software for Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Waveform generator GSPF-052
Waveform generator GSPF-052 is a functional/arbitrary waveform source which is used for automatic research tuning and testing devices and systems in industry science and education.
Frequency range DC: 23MHz...10MHz; high accuracy of amplitude and frequency setting; low level distortion ( less than 0,1%); output waveform amplitude: +/- 5V on 50 Ohm.

Functional/Arbitrary waveform generator AGENT B230
The waveforms are standard; the beforehand captured signals are rendered; sampling rate is upto 100 MHz; DAC resolution is 14 bit; onboard memory: 64 Kb; output voltage range: +/- 8V, +/-3V; autocalibration on duty; analog I/O of external triggering; function of voltage meter and frequency meter; software for Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP; PCI bus.

Analog/digital conversion card for PCI - n10M6PCI
Sampling rate: up to 100 MHz; mode of sampling rate task-setting - fixed frequency of a quartz generator; bandwidth: 50MHz; ADC resolution: 8 bit; speed of conversion: 20 ns; onboard memory; two single-ended inputs for analog signals; analog inputs and external trigger inputs can be either single-ended or differential.

Card ADC 1,5PCI-14
ADC: resolution: 14 bit; conversion time: 2,5 ms; 32 single-ended channels or 16 differential channels; input resistance is more than 100 MOhm; switchable input voltage ranges of the ADC: ± 10V, ± 5V, ± 2,5V, ± 1V, ± 0,5V, ± 0,25V, ± 0,1V, ± 0,05V (for each channel); buffer memory of FIFO type, 2048 Words; 16 digital lines: 8 - input and 8 - output.

Other Measurement Equipments from Signal

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